Writing Better Job Requirements

Writing Better Job Requirements

In a recent internal survey, 50% of recruiters felt that not getting high-quality candidates as the most crucial pain point. One step of addressing this issue is by communicating the right job requirements to the applicants. Jobberman has gone an extra mile to help you better attract the right talent.
Below are some helpful tips for better writing job requirements that will attract the right candidates:
  1. Job Title Section: Make the job title of the vacant position to be as specific and clear as possible. This will make the target audience better understand job requirements from the word go.
  2. Job Summary: Use this section to grab the attention of your target audience by giving an "elevator pitch" that outlines the expectations of the vacant position. To help you with coming up with a more descriptive Job Summary, Jobberman, has extended the Job Summary section in the Applicant Tracking System from 150 to 350 characters as seen in the image below: 

3. Job Description:  Finally, use this section to outline the responsibilities and qualifications of the vacant position 
a. Responsibilities: Concisely list the core responsibilities of the open position. It is also worthwhile mentioning the day to day activities that comes with the role. You should also show the reporting decorum for the position so that your target audience can visualise how they will fit into the organisation.
b. Qualifications: Precisely capture both the soft and hard skills needed to deliver excellent results for the role. It would also be wise to include personality traits that can help the audience know how they will align with the organisation. Having concise skills listed in the job requirements will make it easier for you to  assess the hard skills of the applicants.

Use Case
To make it easier to know what to include in the Job Summary and Job Description sections, the Jobberman Applicant Tracking System has recently included  helper text to guide you on the what content needs to be added as seen in the image below:

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