Adding An Assessment To A Published Job Listing

Adding An Assessment To A Published Job Listing

Adding a skill assessment to an already published job listing can be done in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Start by clicking the MANAGE JOBS drop-down menu from the navigation bar.

  2. Then select the ALL JOBS option, so that you are redirected to the page that lists all your job listings.


3.    While in the All Jobs page, click on the ADD ASSESSMENT TO THIS JOB call to action link so that you can view the modal for opting in.

4.    Finally, depending on whether you have skills assessment credits (or not), the last step is described below: 

a.             If you have Assessment Credits in your ATS:

i.                  Click on the CONTINUE TO CATALOGUE call to action button. This action will redirect you to the Assessment Catalogue page for you to complete the process.

ii.                  While in the Assessment Catalogue page select the Assessment that suits the job requirements and then click on ADD ASSESSMENT to finish the process and add the assessment to the job listing.

b.             If you don't have Assessment Credits in your ATS,

 .                  Click on the PROCEED TO CART call to action button. This action will redirect you to the Cart page for you to purchase the credits.

i.                  While in the Cart page select the count of Assessment credits that fit in with your budget then click on CHECKOUT to finish the transaction. 

ii.                  Once you have purchased the Assessment Credits, please repeat from Step (2) above.

Did You Know
Having the ability to add an assessment to a published listing, greatly reduces your recruitment time, because it cuts down on the lead time of creating a pool of applications.
Simply put, you now have the freedom to retrospectively assess the skills of candidates without necessarily inviting them to apply!‚Äč

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