The New & Revamped Best Match

The New & Revamped Best Match

(1) How do you get the best of active and passive talent? (2) How do you test for competency to refine your shortlist? (3) And lastly, how do you automate the shortlisting process while still maintaining 100% match? Jobberman has a solution that answers all those 3 questions in the most efficient of ways.
We call that solution, Best Match and this article shows you how it works
Best Match squarely addresses most of your recruitment challenges without having to break your bank. This solution assures to deliver a shortlist of up to 10 passive and active candidates from our database who have tested for competency and meet 100% of your job requirements within 7 working days.

Here is how the new Best Match works:
  1. To start off, login to your employer account (ATS) then click on the POST A JOB button as shown below

  2. On clicking the POST A JOB button, you will be provided a job posting form, and from the left panel of the form, BEST MATCH will by default be selected as your preferred product

  3. Fill in the job requirement details and click on POST.
    1. PS: If you already have Best Match credits, the advert will be directly published, however, if you do not have, you will be redirected to the CART so as to purchase the BEST MATCH credits
  4. Once the job goes live, it will pass through the following stages:
    1. Awaiting Approval: At this stage, your job listing is being checked for quality compliance by the internal operations team, prior to being published for seekers to apply. The recommended duration is 1 working days
    2. Accepting Applications: At this stage, your job listing starts receiving applications. The recommended duration for this stage is 7 working days.
    3. Application Closed-in Processing: At this stage, your job listing will pause receiving applications, so that the shortlisting process commences. The recommended duration for this stage is 2 working days.
    4. Processed: At this stage, you will receive an email notifying you that shortlisting has ended and you need to start reviewing the shortlist.
  5. Once the Matching algorithm has finished its process, you will receive an email notifying you to start reviewing the shortlisted applicants so as to invite your top choice of the best for an interview.
BEST MATCH is a product that best delivers entry to mid-level role, results might vary for senior-level or highly specialized roles
The BEST MATCH has a Matching Algorithm that will:
  1. Invite Passive Applicants to apply
  2. Test both Passive and Active Applicants (if you opted to add the complimentary assessment) and assign an assessment score for each candidate
  3. Match both Passive and Active Applicants with the job requirement which you had set and assign a matching score for each candidate
  4. Use a candidates Matching Score, Assessment Score, CV, and Cover Letter to shortlist up to 10 Best Matching candidates within 7 working days

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