The New Purchase Flow

The New Purchase Flow

Jobberman recently revamped the process of purchasing our products from the Applicant Tracking System. The new process is simple yet efficient.

Here is how the new process works:
  1. To start off, log into your employer account (ATS) then click on PRODUCTS under MANAGE PRODUCTS


     2. On the products page, you will find detailed information on the different products that we offer with            the corresponding prices. On making a decision, proceed and click on "Add To Cart" to add the                        different products to the cart without leaving the page.
  3. Please proceed and access the Cart in the top right corner to make some edits or to check out.

Did You Know
Listing credits added to the cart and paid for never expire. Different listing credits can be used at different later periods at your own convenience when the need arises to recruit a new candidate.

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